Action Costumes Silver Edition Evil Superman Costume

by Alexei

Presenting the newest addition to the Action Costumes line of Superhero Costumes, We preview the new Evil Superman Costume from Superman III.


This Incredible Replica Brings the most accurate Belt seen yet, the buckle has been made using an Original Movie Worn Belt. The belt itself has been made with the correct Dark Glossy Vinyl, like the original. We are proud to present the definitive belt for you the Superman Evil Costume.

 The most accurate 4-way Lycra spandex Dark Blue tunic with the “S” emblem sewn in the chest and a back zipper, Bordeaux lycra spandex trunks attached to the tunic (with four belt Lycra loops). We also improved the cuff of the sleeve, now made in the same size of the original. The shoulder seams also had an internal trick that made them stay in the correct place. We also corrected the two seems on the back moving them to the correct position.

  • The leggings have been made with the same Lycra spandex Dark Blue as the Tunic and come with the correct seam in the inner part of each leg, just like the original.

 This darker yellow Lycra emblem that is at the cape has the original measurements and shape of the original one. This darker yellow Lycra has the correct Yellow “Evil” color. The back emblem had been made by an embroidery system, sewing the black thread to the dark yellow Lycra.

 Bordeaux gabardine cape which ties under the arms in the back with a darker yellow Lycra emblem using the original measurements and shape as well. This darker yellow Lycra has the correct Yellow “Evil” color. The back emblem had been made by an embroidery system, sewing the black thread to the dark yellow Lycra. This cape attaches to the body with two bandoliers strips that had the perfect fit. The cape has the original measurements as the screen used ones used in Superman III and has an incredible flow! The finish of this cape had been made with thread sewn by hand.

 The chest’s Emblem has been re-designed and made in the same measurements & shapes as the original suit. Made by hand with a little help of a sewing machine. This is not a computer generated logo, It was made in the same way as the original! Each part of the 4-way spandex has been cut by hand and sewn with the dark yellow and bordeaux to get this perfect shape. The color of the fabrics has also been improved, the bordeaux lycra are the same as the spandex trunks & the yellow darker color is the same one as the original Evil one. This is definitely the most accurate reproduction of the original Emblem ever.

 This costume had been made using measurements off one of the original Superman “The Movie” costumes. We were lucky enough to get access to one of these beautiful screen worn suits. The art direction of the suit has been made by Artist and Superfan Sebastian Colombo that is a part of the Action Costumes team. The construction of this costume had been made by the professional Designers and Fx Department of the Action Costume team. We had been making these kind of Replicas for more than 10 years now, so if you were looking for the final Costume of this Evil edition don´t look any further, this would be the final costume for your collection. With all these details together, we can completely be sure that this costume is the most original reproduction ever seen.

 This Costume has been inspired on the one used by Christopher Reeve for the Superman III Movie from 1983. Who brought to life one of the most Evil Superheroes of all times for the Junkyard first fight between our hero and his Dark Side. This is the best Superman Evil Costume Silver Edition ever seen by the moment!!

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