Superman III Royal Premiere Tuesday 19th July 1983

The Royal premiere of Superman III at the Saville Theatre an ABC/EMI Cinema, Shaftesbury Avenue, London on the 19th July 1983.(Now an Odeon Cinema) This series of photos is only the start of never seen before images taken on the night of the premiere. Spread over 21 contact sheets, the story should start at the beginning of the night outside the cinema. In attendance for the 19:00 pm showing was Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Saville Theatre had 2 Screens ABC1 which seated 616 and ABC2 which seated 581. Originally built as a Live theatre venue, During the 1960s it became a live music venue with acts such as Jimi Hendrix, The Bee Gee’s, The Who, Pink Floyd and The Beatles before finally opening as a Cinema on 22nd December 1970.

Sarah Douglas – Misty Moon Gallery Lewisham, London 25th January 2014

On Saturday 25th January 2014 The Misty Moon Gallery (just behind the Ladywell Tavern) Played host to an evening with Sarah Douglas followed by a viewing of the awesome Richard Donner Cut of Superman II. A cosy place filled to maximum capacity of about 20 very lucky people who got to enjoy the company of the Amazing Sarah Douglas. She was an absolute delight! Upon entering the gallery she immediately wanted to introduce herself to everyone and find out their names and where they came from, with a packet of Crisps in One hand and a glass of wine in the other she apologised for having missed her evening meal and that the crisps would suffice. Note personal note on Autograph liking the T-Shirt.

Enjoy these images, Audio, Video and Transcript to follow.


Christopher Reeve & Gae Exton Superman Premiere London December 13th 1978

European Premiere of Superman the Movie December 13th 1978, Empire Theatre, Leicester Square, London, UK.

“Superman” and his girl arrive for premiere. American actor Christopher Reeve, who plays the title role of the Man of Steel in the new screen blockbuster “Superman”, leaves aside his cape, and comic book girlfriend, Lois Lane, for the company of his real-life girl, former model Gae Exton, as the couple arrive at the Empire Theatre, Leicester Square, for this evening’s European Royal Charity Premiere of the film. The film of America’s greatest crime buster took two years to make and cost more than ¬£20 million.