Superman III Der Stählerne Blitz Movie Program

Superman III German Movie Program. Released in West Germany on 9th March 1984 almost 9 months after release in the USA. Known as Superman III Der Stählerne Blitz (The Steel Lightning). Although critically panned as a goofy Superman movie, Chris’s portrayal of Evil Superman was highly praised. Of Richard Lester’s direction for the movie, Chris had the following to say.

“[He] was always looking for a gag – sometimes to the point where the gags involving Richard Pryor went over the top. I mean, I didn’t think that his going off the top of a building, on skis with a pink tablecloth around his shoulders, was particularly funny.” Christopher Reeve

Films and Filming Magazine March 1987 – Beyond Superman

Films and Filming Magazine released in the UK in March 1987. An interesting interview with Christopher Reeve.

“Part I, I was really lucky to get the job. Part II, I was gaining experience. Part III, a bit of disillusionment, and Part IV hopefully inspiration, Realisation, fulfilment.”

“I don’t want to outlive my enthusiasm for Superman. Getting back to predictions here. I just don’t want to be in a position where I have to be dragged to the set. I want to feel motivated as I have done on this one. This may be it. I may end up feeling that I’ve done everything I can do with this part, in which case I’ll just have to see what awaits me without the Superman security blanket to fall back on anymore.”

Christopher Reeve