Posted on Feb 09, 2013

Superman III – On top of Webscoe Tower Richard Lester & Richard Pryor

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Here are a couple of candid shots of Richard Lester & Richard Pryor discussing the Scene they are about to shoot. Also note the Jacket being worn by Pryor as not being the one he wore throughout the Movie which was a Beige thin type Summer Jacket.   For the Full album of images...

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

Superman III Shane Rimmer Autograph State Policeman

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An Autograph by Shane Rimmer who ¬†portrayed a State Policeman in Superman III, Shane Also starred in Superman II as Controller¬†#2. Shane’s career started in 1957 starring in a Tv series called Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans. But it wasn’t until 1966 when he got his biggest break as the Voice of...

Posted on Dec 08, 2012

Superman III Press Release Photographs

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Press Release Photographs from the movie Superman III. Starring Christopher Reeve and Richard Pryor. Richard Lester tried to incorporate more slapstick humour into the Superman series, much to the ire of the fans. Although it does feature the amazing Clark Kent Vs. Evil Superman in the Junkyard....

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

Superman III Behind the Scenes – Christopher Reeve & Richard Pryor

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Here we have the first 3 of 72 images recently acquired by A Tribute to Christopher Reeve. These have been restored by myself and although not 100% restored im happy with how they are starting to look. These 72 images feature images of Chris & Richard practising flight and also on top of the...

Posted on Apr 17, 2012

Superman III Original Storyboards Opening Sequence Christopher Reeve

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12 Original Storyboards from the opening sequence to Superman III. Despite there age they are still in excellent condition. They all have 4 pinholes from where they were hung on the wall. Each of these storyboards would be photocopied and given to the Cast & Crew so that they could visualise what they were...

Posted on Apr 14, 2012

Superman III Behind the Scenes On top of Webscoe Building

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3 Behind the Scenes Photos featuring Pamela Stephenson, Richard Pryor, Richard Lester, Annie Ross & Robert Vaughn. These are from the memorable scene on top of Webscoe Building where Richard Pryor re-enacts Superman’s heroic actions which have prevented the evil trio’s master plan, resulting in Richard Pryor ski-ing off the top of the building...

Posted on Apr 05, 2012

Superman III ABC Cinema Poster

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Here we have a poster for Superman III from the sadly defunct UK Cinema group ABC (Associated British Cinemas). In 1986 ABC was sold to Golan & Globus Cannon Cinema’s Group. The poster features Christopher Reeve and Richard Pryor. I’m not entirely sure why they went for the addition of the Red as it...