Interview with Pam Rose Reporter in Superman the Movie

by Alexei

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – Could you tell us a bit about your background? Other Films and credits etc

Pam Rose – I have been in many Films, Tv shows and adverts over the years, my first feature film was in 1968.Oh What a Lovely War . directed by Sir Richard Attenborough the best way to see what I have done is to visit my web page.

Ive been in Batman , 3  Superman, Star Wars, A New Hope. Episode 4 (the first one made in 1976) Space 1999 this is just a taster.

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – Can  you remember how you received the role for Superman the Movie? i.e. was there castings etc

Pam Rose – I was with a very good agent Called “Central Casting” ( I was made a temporary member  on the first film as it was made in Brighton ,then asked to become a full time member when it finished )as I did many roles also standing in and being a double , definitely a multi tasker, always on time and professional.

In London and at the time they were the main agents for extras not like today, when there are so many.

The agent would send us to productions for castings and I’m happy to say that I was chosen for a large per cent of the jobs.

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – Were you paid to star? If so can you remember how much?

Pam Rose – No I cant remember how much I was paid, you are kidding its 36 years ago.

 A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – How long was the shoot? And did it take many takes?

Pam Rose – I don’t  remember how many days especially over the 3 Films that I worked on.

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – Were there any memories of the day that day that stand out? Funny Scenes, Retakes etc..

Pam Rose – The one story that stick in my mind, not first hand though.

Chris has to dive from the window sill of the Daily Planet , and was only supported by men on the other end of the rope,(maybe not enough)

I was told all you could hear was the stamping of feet trying to stop his headlong fall toward the stage floor. Stopping very close to the ground Cape over his head and hair hanging over his face. LUCKY that time,lessons learnt.

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – Did you get the chance to Speak to Chris? If so can you remember what?

Pam Rose – I was a very close friend and we were going out at the time of Superman 1.

I used to go and see him training at the Grosvenor House Hotel Gym, He used to cycle to see me when I was working part time at a Local Pub.

We would go to the cinema and when I went to his apartment play the Piano to me (the rest is private)

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – What was he like? He always seems like a genuine caring guy, did this come across at all

Pam Rose – He was a absolute gentleman, talented and told me at the time that his parents were not very happy about him playing a comic book hero.

He was on Broadway starring with Catherine Hepburn, before Superman.

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve –  I noticed on your Facebook page that you have posted images of your Flying Unit Stunt Team jacket for Superman IV, what was your involvement in Superman IV?

Pam Rose – I was doing the flying sequences, set ups for lighting ,wind speeds from the fans. ,movements . and lighting Quite scary. being high up with no safety measure to catch you if you fell.

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – Have you ever been to the Cinema to see yourself on the big screen?

Pam Rose – Yes a few times .  I went to work abroad and I was working in Casino’s after that very unsociable hours, as  I had bought my apartment in 1979 and had to have regular income to get a mortgage.

So I did some filming on my days off, holidays etc and of course now that I’m retired.

I qualified from College as a chef, went into modelling , been an air hostess I loved them all .I’m a people person and could not be in an office environment.

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – Finally which role in which film would you say is the highlight of your career?

Pam Rose – Hard to say, everything has  been different and I’ve been lucky to experience working with some very famous people ,Anthony Hopkins, Vincent Price, Anthony Quinn we used to play backgammon together on The Greek Tycoon. Val Kilmer on Top Secret. Mel Gibson on Hamlet. and dealt Blackjack to Stephanie Powers, she looked up at me and said You’re a real one. LOL and promptly signed a playing card for me.

I could go on and on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much Pam for agreeing to talk to A Tribute to Christopher Reeve.

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Pam Rose October 22, 2013 - 7:02 pm

Thank you very much ,a very nice write up. From Pam x


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