Superheroes – You’ll believe a Man, a Girl and a Reindeer can fly! Superman IV Promotional VHS UK

by Alexei

Perhaps one of the oddest pieces of the A Tribute collection? A UK promotional VHS copy of Superman IV, given only to a few select Warner Bros UK employees. There is no mention of Superman IV on the front or side of the case, only on the reverse. The cover appears to be celebrating the previous works of the Salkinds referencing  Superman, Supergirl and Santa Claus the Movie. Yet they were not involved at all with Superman IV, having sold the franchise to Golan & Globus of Cannon Films. However in the credits section on the reverse of the VHS, Alexander Salkind is credited  as “Superman Motion Pictures initiated by Alexander Salkind”. This particular copy is time stamped throughout and runs at 94 minutes – 4 minutes longer than the 2006 DVD release.

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