Superman Christopher Reeve’s On-Set Leather Jacket

by Alexei

Christopher Reeve’s personal on-set coat with handwritten letter of provenance. This jacket was owned by the late great Christopher Reeve and was worn by him on the set of Superman the movie (1978). Due to the cold weather and the ‘snug’ nature of the costume, this quite large heavily fur-lined flight jacket kept Christopher warm between takes. As he was also an experienced pilot he may have worn this garment whist ‘flying’. The inside label reads ’45c’ possibly relating to the chest size. The outer is brown leather with the inside having caramel coloured fur.

It has a zip to the front with a buckle fastener for the neck and two buckle size adjusters on either side on the lower back. The leather stitching is slightly coming away on the lower left outside of the coat and there is a small tear in the leather where the left pocket is attached, which is to be expected due to its age. This jacket was actually gifted to a gentleman named ‘John’ and the letter that comes with it is handwritten by Christopher, wishing John a “Merry Christmas and thank you for being a friend”, as well as other comments. The letter is in a plastic sleeve and is dated ’22 December 1977′ with the writing on blue paper with the original films’ Superman ‘S’ logo embossed with a red foil on the bottom right hand corner.

The background also shows a large clear ‘watermarked’ Superman logo. Both the coat and the letter are in very good condition and would make a very special addition to a fan’s collection.

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