Superman II Lois Lane’s (Margot Kidder) 12″ Flying Dummy Plaster Legs Mould

A pair of miniature ankle casts for Lois Lane from the 1980 ‘Man of Steel’ sequel Superman II. These little legs were created by the legendary Stuart Freeborn for the 12” flying dummies, two of the Superman puppets of identical scale can be seen in our exclusive behind the scenes image. A variety of scales were made and various different expressions and poses, and this size dummy would have been fixed to wires to simulate flight rather than have the actors rigged up specially.

The small plaster feet have toes and elaborate high heeled shoes with straps across the each foot and upper ankle, the actual heel would have been crafted on the final screen used feet. They measure approximately 10cm x 5cm (4” x 2″)

and are in great condition with some residue and scuffs across the surface. A pair of super little pieces from the classic series, created by a master of his craft, kept in the Stuart Freeborn archives until now.

Lifelong Christopher Reeve SuperFan!

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