Superman IV – Building of the fight Set

The amazing Battle scene between Nuclear Man (II) and Superman on the streets of Metropolis. These never seen before behind the scene photos of the city of Metropolis recreated on a backlot at Elstree Studio, Borehamwood. With a limited budget (thanks to Cannon slashing the budget) the Set was actually not too bad a representation of the Streets of Metropolis. Using the back of the studio as a support, the streets and buildings were assembled crating the illusion of a bustling city. If you look closely in the background the shops even have a satirical element named Arracombie & Fitze and not forgetting Braceys.

Superman IV – Filming against a Blue Screen

Here we have some images from behind the scenes of Superman IV. Throughout the entire filming of the movie Cannon looked to cut costs as much as possible, thus dispensing with known to work and greatly admired Zoptic system which made original viewers of Superman the Movie believe a Man could truly fly. Instead they opted for the much cheaper blue screen special effect version which sadly gave the impression that the background was flying and not Superman.