Superman II General Zod’s (Terence Stamp) Boots

Ever wanted to walk the Earth as General Zod once did? Now here is your chance to purchase the boots worn by Terence Stamp in Superman II. See below for details from the Propstore of London.

A pair of thigh high boots worn by the evil Kryptonian super-villain General Zod (Terence Stamp) in the Christopher Reeve classic: Superman II. The general can be seen wearing this style of boot throughout various points in the movie. These patent black coloured boots have a zip at the back which, although a little stiff still works well. The zipper has lost some of its black paint and shows white underneath, with the length of the zip still remaining metal coloured. The sole of the boots are thick shoe leather with white stitching around the edges and show some wear.

As to be expected, these boots do show wear since the production, most notably the patent ‘plastic’ has come away from the ‘body’ of the boot on the right leg, along the length of the zip. The inside of each boot is lined with leather and again stitched around the edges. ‘STAMP B2 P’ has been handwritten inside the top of each boot in faded white ink. There is a pink label inside each boot, the left clearly stating ‘Terence Stamp No.1’, with the right boot label text being a lot more faded.

There are no sizes marked and overall these boots remain in great production used condition, measuring 81.5cm (length) x 30.5cm (sole). (32.08” x 12”).

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Superman II General Zod’s (Terence Stamp) Plastic Face Cast

A vacuformed clear plastic cast of General Zod (Terence Stamp) from Superman II (1980). This cast would have been used as a ‘lay-over’ for the actors’ facial prosthetics. In General Zod’s case, his wig-piece and beard. This kept the shape of the pieces when not applied to the actor. This mold came straight from the personal collection of Stuart Freeborn, the legendary make up artist, famous for his work on countless productions, including ‘Star Wars’. The picture below shows Freeborn working on the life casts for the movie. Both Superman and Superman II were filmed ‘back to back’, therefore these face casts would most likely have been used in the production of both of the movies.

A rare and unusual item, the plastic has ‘yellowed’ with age and shows a crack in the plastic from just under the chin to the chest. There is what appears to be some dried latex just over the right eyebrow. Considering the delicate nature of this piece and its age it has survived very well, even showing the evil General’s skin dimples! This measures approx 50cm x 27cm (19.7” x 10.6”).


Superman II General Zod, Ursa & Non

General Zod. A warped, would-be dictator. His only feeling is contempt. His only desire is to command

Ursa. Her only feeling is for the vicious General. Her only desire –to rule at his side.

Non. He is without words and without thought. He is a brute force. The General need only command to inspire this monster to acts of mindless destruction.

Together these three are responsible for the darkest episode in Krypton’s history, the one attempt at insurrection against our reasoned way of life.