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You’ll believe a man can fly!

With very special and kind permission i present to you Dave Pennington’s Marlon Brando Superman the Movie Posters. Beautifully designed, you can see why no other actor could have played Jor-El to Christopher Reeve’s Superman. […]

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Superman the Movie Jor-El 1/6 Crystal Mask

It is with great pleasure that we present – Superman the Movie Jor-El 1/6 Crystal Mask. This will be made available for you to purchase through Shapeways. With prices starting at €3.94 plus shipping. Price […]

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Press Release Photo Superman the Movie Marlon Brando & Susannah York

Press Release photo dated December 16th 1978. Jor-El (Marlon Brando) and his wife Lara (Susannah York) Prepare to send their infant son — the future Superman — to Earth to avoid destruction of their Planet. Image […]

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Superman the Movie 1978 Behind the Scenes. Richard, Marlon & Susannah

A Rare behind the scenes moment as Richard Donner enjoys a Cup of Tea? Out of his favourite Duke of edinburgh Mug. (Actual contents not known). Perhaps this was a moment where Marlon was discussing […]

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