Superman the Movie Jor-El 1/6 Crystal Mask

It is with great pleasure that we present – Superman the Movie Jor-El 1/6 Crystal Mask. This will be made available for you to purchase through Shapeways. With prices starting at €3.94 plus shipping. Price depends upon the material you order it in.

We recommend ordering in Transparent Detail to give it that Crystal look, the price for this is €7.63 plus shipping. You can ever order in stainless steel or Silver! We are currently working on a full size version and a 1/6 Key ring version more details for those to follow.

This is now available to buy either by clicking on the Shop or by clicking here.



Press Release Photo Superman the Movie Marlon Brando & Susannah York

Press Release photo dated December 16th 1978. Jor-El (Marlon Brando) and his wife Lara (Susannah York) Prepare to send their infant son — the future Superman — to Earth to avoid destruction of their Planet. Image shown is pre restoration, there are traces of black left on the copy and the photo has slightly discoloured. Restored version to follow.