Posted on Dec 02, 2011

Superman I & II Ned Beatty Autograph Trading Card

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Here we have an Autograph from Ned Beatty on a Superman II Trading Card. This card was signed by Ned on November 13th 1994 at The Senator Theatre in Baltimore, MD. He was being honoured by the Theatre with a Career tribute. Ned wonderfully played the bumbling Otis in Superman I & II....

Posted on Jun 12, 2011

Switching Channels Press Release Photographs

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Switching Channels Press Release Photographs. Switching Channels was released in 1988 starring Christopher Reeve, Burt Reynolds & Kathleen Turner. Fellow Superman Cast member Ned Beatty also stars. Kathleen Turner a Cable Network News Anchor wants to quit the business and marry Christopher Reeve but her ex-husband and boss Burt Reynolds gives her one more...