Superman IV – Prisoner 8615 Costume

A prisoners costume worn in the 1987 action film Super IV: The Quest for Peace starring Christopher Reeve as Superman. This costume was worn by one of the prisoner’s in the chain gang at the beginning of the film and again at the end when Lex Luther (Gene Hackman) is returned to prison. The costume consists of a striped shirt and trousers with the numbers ‘8615’ stitched on the chest. The costume still has the costumiers, ‘Bermans and Nathans’ (now known as ‘Angels’) labels stitched inside. Now part of the A Tribute to Christopher Reeve collection.

Images Courtesy Propstore of London.

Superman IV Russian Style ‘Trapper’ Hat

A Russian style ‘trapper’ hat used in the production of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987). This style of hat would have been used for the production, (although not seen on screen), most likely in the scene in which the Russian base is preparing one of their Nuclear missiles that Superman, (Christopher Reeve) is about to eradicate.

The hat is a white colour on the outside, made of a thick cotton, with a brown lining, complete with brown faux fur. The ear flaps have been tied at the top with a white chord. The inside label states “Bermans & Nathans”, the costumers to this classic series of films, with the printed text stating “Superman”. The hat is in very good overall condition.

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Superman IV Oversized Statue of Liberty Miniature

The Statue of Liberty used in the 1987 Christopher Reeve superhero movie Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. This oversized miniature of the international symbol of freedom can be seen during Superman and Nuclear Man’s epic battle around the world, which sees the Man of Steel try and prevent Lex’s clone destroying the Great Wall of China and blowing up a volcano, and he finally saves the statue from dropping through the sky above Metropolis but at great cost to himself, exposing his chest to Nuclear Man’s lethal radioactive nails.

This piece is entirely made from fibreglass and painted the memorable greenish-blue hue. She is holding her torch high, which is actually removable and painted silver and bronze, and clutching the tablet bearing the date of Independence. She stands at an incredibly tall 190cm and is in incredibly good condition missing only a single fin from the torch and a small chip to the back corner of the tablet.


Superman the Movie Officer Mooney’s Police Badge Prop

Here we have Officer Mooney’s Prop Police/Cop badge from Superman the Movie. This was seen in the movie where Superman presents the would be Sky Scraper Burglar to the police after causing him to fall off the building, a brilliant scene where the Burglar is slowly making his way up the side of the building and Superman is standing there sideways defying gravity! Is it Screen used? Unknown is the answer, there are at least two other identical versions of this badge the first is shown here:…978–prop-38302.html