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Superman IV – Prisoner 8615 Costume

A prisoners costume worn in the 1987 action film Super IV: The Quest for Peace starring Christopher Reeve as Superman. This costume was worn by one of the prisoner’s in the chain gang at the […]

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Superman IV Russian Style ‘Trapper’ Hat

A Russian style ‘trapper’ hat used in the production of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987). This style of hat would have been used for the production, (although not seen on screen), most likely […]

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Superman IV John Cryor’s Screen Worn Jacket

John Cryor’s Screen worn Jacket from Superman IV. In Black & Gold size 38″ Chest (approx.) Oversized in an 80’s Fashion.

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Superman IV Oversized Statue of Liberty Miniature

The Statue of Liberty used in the 1987 Christopher Reeve superhero movie Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. This oversized miniature of the international symbol of freedom can be seen during Superman and Nuclear Man’s […]

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Superman the Movie Officer Mooney’s Police Badge Prop

Here we have Officer Mooney’s Prop Police/Cop badge from Superman the Movie. This was seen in the movie where Superman presents the would be Sky Scraper Burglar to the police after causing him to fall […]

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