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Superman the Movie Trading Card Autographed by Richard Donner

Richard Donner Autographed Superman the Movie Series 2 Trading Card. Richard showing his eye for detail! IMDB

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Superman the Movie Dick Donner & Peter MacDonald filming crane

Director Dick Donner and Camera Operator Peter MacDonald, atop the “Sam-Mighty” crane, line up a boom shot on the set of “Superman”. The opening sequences of the film, which takes place on the planet Krypton.

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Superman the Movie Behind the Scenes Geoffrey Unsworth & Richard Donner

On Location in New York the Late Geoffrey Unsworth and Richard Donner.

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Richard Donner on the Set

Richard Donner taking a break during filming of Superman the Movie.

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Superman the Movie 1978 Behind the Scenes. Richard, Marlon & Susannah

A Rare behind the scenes moment as Richard Donner enjoys a Cup of Tea? Out of his favourite Duke of edinburgh Mug. (Actual contents not known). Perhaps this was a moment where Marlon was discussing […]

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