Sarah Douglas – Misty Moon Gallery Lewisham, London 25th January 2014

On Saturday 25th January 2014 The Misty Moon Gallery (just behind the Ladywell Tavern) Played host to an evening with Sarah Douglas followed by a viewing of the awesome Richard Donner Cut of Superman II. A cosy place filled to maximum capacity of about 20 very lucky people who got to enjoy the company of the Amazing Sarah Douglas. She was an absolute delight! Upon entering the gallery she immediately wanted to introduce herself to everyone and find out their names and where they came from, with a packet of Crisps in One hand and a glass of wine in the other she apologised for having missed her evening meal and that the crisps would suffice. Note personal note on Autograph liking the T-Shirt.

Enjoy these images, Audio, Video and Transcript to follow.


Superman II Miniature Ursa (Sarah Douglas) 12″ Flying Dummy ‘Mini Mask’ Mould

A miniature white plaster face mould of the Kryptonian supervillain, Ursa (Sarah Douglas) from the 1980 ‘Man of Steel’ sequel: Superman II. This was created by the legendary Stuart Freeborn for the 12” flying dummy masks, two of which can be seen in our exclusive behind the scenes still shown here. A variety of scales were made with various different expressions and poses. This size dummy would have been fixed to wires to simulate flight.

The small white plaster sculpt has Douglas looking ahead, with the back unfinished. There are two small blue ink lines just under the chin and behind the left ear, with the tip of the nose no longer remaining due to storage since the production, but still remains in good condition. The head measures approximately 5cm x 6cm x 5cm (2” x 2.36” x 2” ). This is a great little piece from the classic movie, created by a master of his craft, kept in the Stuart Freeborn archives until now.