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Sarah Douglas – Misty Moon Gallery Lewisham, London 25th January 2014

On Saturday 25th January 2014 The Misty Moon Gallery (just behind the Ladywell Tavern) Played host to an evening with Sarah Douglas followed by a viewing of the awesome Richard Donner Cut of Superman II. […]

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Superman the Movie Trading Card Autographed by Sarah Douglas

Sarah Douglas as Ursa Autographed Superman the Movie Series 2 Trading Card. Ursa Her only feeling is for the vicious General. Her only desire –to rule at his side. IMDB

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Superman II Miniature Ursa (Sarah Douglas) 12″ Flying Dummy ‘Mini Mask’ Mould

A miniature white plaster face mould of the Kryptonian supervillain, Ursa (Sarah Douglas) from the 1980 ‘Man of Steel’ sequel: Superman II. This was created by the legendary Stuart Freeborn for the 12” flying dummy […]

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Superman II Production Photo Christopher Reeve

An unreleased production Photo from Superman II. Showing the face off between Superman and Ursa. This particular image was restored by Sebastian Colombo.

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Superman II Production Photo

Production photo of the Evil trio General Zod (Terence Stamp), Non (Jack O’Halloran, Ursa (Sarah Douglas) & Lois (Margot Kidder) arriving at the Fortress of Solitude.

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