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Superman II Miniature Ursa (Sarah Douglas) 12″ Flying Dummy ‘Mini Mask’ Mould

A miniature white plaster face mould of the Kryptonian supervillain, Ursa (Sarah Douglas) from the 1980 ‘Man of Steel’ sequel: Superman II. This was created by the legendary Stuart Freeborn for the 12” flying dummy […]

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Superman II Lois Lane’s (Margot Kidder) 12″ Flying Dummy Plaster Legs Mould

A pair of miniature ankle casts for Lois Lane from the 1980 ‘Man of Steel’ sequel Superman II. These little legs were created by the legendary Stuart Freeborn for the 12” flying dummies, two of […]

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Action Costumes Lifesize Christopher Reeve Superman Bust

Once again we are surprised by the talents of Sebastian Colombo! This amazing bust has been sculpted and beautifully airbrushed. Working with SFx Artist Sebastian Molchasky, the two Sebastian’s have truly created a Masterpiece! Luckily […]

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Superman IV Christopher Reeve Lifecast

This Lifecast was  made by Stuart Freeborn  during the filming of Superman IV. It truly is an amazing find! You can see every line and detail in Christopher Reeve’s Face.

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