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Superman II Terry Apsey Collection – Comfortable in the Fortress…

Recently restored by A Tribute to Christopher Reeve this rare production photograph from Superman II shows the love scene between Superman and Lois Lane in the Futuristic Silver bed sheets. This scene takes place shortly […]

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Superman II Terry Apsey Collection Evil Trio Fight Scene

Here we have two shots from Superman II. The first shot shows the crew setting everything up ready for the fight and explosions, the second image shows the explosions occurring during the fight scene between […]

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Superman II unreleased production photos

Taken from the Terry Apsey collection we present two previously unpublished photographs from Superman II during the East Houston scenes.  

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Superman II Production Photo Christopher Reeve

An unreleased production photo from Superman. This was taken during the fight scene with the Evil trio. Interestingly you can see the flying wires. This image has also been restored by myself as the overall […]

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Superman II Fortress of Solitude Dinner for two

Here we have an image from the Terry Apsey collection featuring Margot Kidder as Lois and Christopher Reeve as Superman. This particular image was restored by Sebastian Colombo.

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