A Piece of Hollywood 1983 Cape from Superman III

by Alexei

These were released by Topps in 2008. They are a little strange as they were released as a Baseball set. The first 150 cards were to do with Baseball and the remaining 50 cards were major events in Human History. There was also a 27 piece insert set entitled “A Piece of Hollywood” which included such pieces from Brad Pitt’s shirt in Spygame, Denzel Washington’s hat from Courage under fire to name a few. The real oddity was that as to avoid paying royalty there were no images of the actor/Actress or of the movie and only mention the Actor/Actress by the first name only.The back of the card reads: Congratulations! You have received a trading card with “Superman III” Movie worn costume memorabilia. The memorabilia has been certified to us as having been worn by Christopher in the movie “Superman III” Its not known exactly how many of these cards were made but they are a fairly inexpensive way of owning a piece of Superman History! Current value is $35.00, So don’t pay more!


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