Action Costumes Lifesize Christopher Reeve Superman Bust

by Alexei

Once again we are surprised by the talents of Sebastian Colombo! This amazing bust has been sculpted and beautifully airbrushed. Working with SFx Artist Sebastian Molchasky, the two Sebastian’s have truly created a Masterpiece! Luckily this isn’t a Commission piece and is available to purchase. I present Actions Costume’s Description and link below.

“This Bust had been made using one of the two Mold Casts of Mr Christopher Reeve made for Superman IV by Stuart Freeborn. This lifesize  bust is as close to the Original as you will find anywhere. From that cast we sculpted all the other parts of the head, made some slight corrections and finally adding some life to the face itself.

The Cast of the Bust has been  made using Very Durable Fiber Glass.
The Eyes are High Grade Professionally made prosthetic eyes specially made for this character.

 The Eyelashes are synthetic, using a full eyelash on the upper eyelid whilst the lower eyelid are inserted one hair at a time .

The Bust had been  professionally Airbrushed by an SFx Artist working in the film Industry ..
The Bust comes complete with the upper chest and cape parts  of the costume featuring the Iconic Superman Shield.which are all perfectly attached. These are made based on the 80´s style costume we sell.
The Base had been made in wood and painted in black, it comes with a plaque that says “The Man of Steel 78 – 87” made in a glossy metal.

The Sculpt and complete project had been made by Sebastian Colombo & Sebastian Molchasky. Sebastian Colombo is a very well-known Artist and Superman Specialist. Sebastian Molchasky is a SFx Artist  working in Films, TV Shows & Commercials.”

Here for the link

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