And Action… Superman IV Clapperboard & Shooting Script

by Alexei

Here we have an original Clapper board & Shooting Script from Superman IV acquired from Martin Kenzie who was a Camera Operator in the Movie.

Sadly Martin Kenzie passed away on 16th July 2012. Martin was involved in some of the biggest films for the last 30 years working on Such films as Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, Aliens and more recently The King’s Speech. Martin’s last work was on the HBO TV Series Game of Thrones. For more details of Martin’s work please click here.

The Clapper board is marked with Director Sidney Furie and Cameraman Earnest Day.You can just imagine this being used before every take. This particular item is currently for sale on eBay and can be found here. Posted with very kind permission from the Owner, Thank you Ruben.

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