Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction Part 1 – Superman IV Telephone Booth.

by Alexei

After the Propstore of London kindly responded to our self-invitation to visit them and view their latest Superman Items for their upcoming Live Auctionon 30thSeptember and 1stOctober 2019. Myself (Alexei) and Martin Lakin (of Supermania78.com) travelled down to Rickmansworth on 27thAugust 2019 where we were very warmly greeted by Tim Lawes (General Manager) & Stephen Lane (CEO). 

Tim gave us a quick tour of the incredibly impressive facility jam packed with things most of us could only ever dream of, rack after rack, we went out of one building across the yard into the Warehouse, where suddenly both myself and Martin turned to one another looking shell-shocked! (not in the Ninja Turtles sense! But if that’s what your after click here!). What is this Wooden rectangular box that Tim has taken us to see?

Tim responded very calmly with a Yes, but before he could finish his sentence, we’d moved in and taken over, examining every scratch, dent or mark that we could find, opening and closing the sliding door, Martin pretending he was Superman coming out of the box, then it was my turn, choosing to sit and answer an imaginary phone call. We were imagining what it was like to be there when Chris was filming Superman IV and how many takes it had taken just to get the perfect shot! But where had this phone box been all this time? Apparently after filming had wrapped up the phone box was offered to a Collector of phone boxes and had remained in his collection all this time, looking exactly how it did the day it was filmed. 

Please find details for the Propstore Auction below and here for the link to bid

SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE (1987) – Screen Matched Clark Kent To Superman Transformation Phonebox

A phone box from Sidney J. Furie’s superhero sequel Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve) used a phone box in a subway station to transform into Superman and save Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) and a train full of passengers after the driver had a heart attack and the train went out of control. This phone box is screen-matched to the one in the film by the distinctively ripped paper adverts adhered to its inner surfaces.

The phone box is made of wood, and has a sliding bifold door with glass screens. The lighting in the ceiling illuminates when connected to mains power. It features a wooden bench and a metal coin-operated telephone receiver with handset. Paper adverts and graffiti cover the inside walls and the box has been intentionally distressed to look well used. This lot has some additional wear from production use and age, including scratches and scuffs. There has been a buildup of grime on some parts of the box. Dimensions: 78 cm x 76.5 cm x 213 cm (30 3/4″ x 30″ x 83 3/4″)

£3,000 – 5,000 M

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