Somewhere in Time Personal Original Letter Signed by Christopher Reeve

by Alexei

An amazing correspondence between Christopher Reeve and Superfan Tim Miles dated June 11th 1979. This letter appeared on Auction Site eBay in July 2020 and sold for $911.00 / £694.10. This rare glimpse into Chris’s mindset as he works on a new project he is scripted to be involved with titled Somewhere in Time. See images and full text of letter below. If you are the lucky owner we’d love to hear from you.

June 11, 1979

Mr. Tim Miles
130 Washington
Portage, Wisconsin, 53901

Dear Tim,

Please excuse the delay in answering your letter. I am on location in Michigan right now and it has taken a while for my mail to reach me.

I’m so glad you enjoyed “Superman”, and hope you will like the movie I’m working on now titled “Somewhere in Time” as much. It’s a totally different role for me and I’m really excited about it.

I wish you much luck in your acting career and have found that there is four pieces of advice that have worked for me.

1. Be sure that acting is what you want as a career
2. Know that there is an alternative way to support yourself during the “hard” years the inevitably happen.
3. Audition for everything you can.
4. Don’t give up if it’s what you really want.

I have also found that the best to be seen by agents is in Showcases in New York City. These are advertised in the trade papers in that area. Of course, I can’t guarantee that this will work for you, but it has done allright for me.

Again, thank you for your letter and much luck!


Christopher Reeve


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