Superman the Movie Soundtrack 1998 Royal Scottish National Orchestra

by Alexei

Released in 1998 a 2 disc intended restoration of Superman the Movie Soundtrack as a 20th Anniversary release had to be re-recorded due to discovery that the Archive of the Superman Music only contained Superman II & III. Much effort was made to locate the music but to no avail, all that they had to work with was a set of copies of John Williams original composer sketches,  “there are occasional slight differences in the music’s arrangements and orchestration. But for anyone familiar with the original recording, the new approach gives the feeling of listening to the score once again for the first time…” Link

Read the internal booklet for the whole process which ended up being recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Please note that there are no Lyric’s to the the Flying Sequence (can you read my mind?) in this release.

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Johnso March 31, 2013 - 12:39 am

Very nice, wish I had it

Harriet Lomax March 14, 2014 - 12:16 am

I’ve been looking everywhere for a reference of this particular recording of Superman for one special reason. My father who died in 2002 plays the timpani on it (or some sort of percussion i’m not 100% sure) and is listed in this booklet under percussion (Raymond Lomax).
It’s just so nice to see some part of him somehow lives on, and only being 5 when he died it’s nice to have things like this to listen to and remember him by so thank you for posting this!


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