Christopher Reeve & Gae Exton Superman Premiere London December 13th 1978

European Premiere of Superman the Movie December 13th 1978, Empire Theatre, Leicester Square, London, UK.

“Superman” and his girl arrive for premiere. American actor Christopher Reeve, who plays the title role of the Man of Steel in the new screen blockbuster “Superman”, leaves aside his cape, and comic book girlfriend, Lois Lane, for the company of his real-life girl, former model Gae Exton, as the couple arrive at the Empire Theatre, Leicester Square, for this evening’s European Royal Charity Premiere of the film. The film of America’s greatest crime buster took two years to make and cost more than ¬£20 million.

Christopher Reeve & Gae Exton 8th September 1980 Astoria Motion Picture Awards

A Super Evening in New York. Christopher Reeve, Star of the Superman movies, spends an evening in very pleasant company September 8th. He’s with his girlfriend, Gae Exton and they’re attending the second annual Astoria Motion Picture & Television Center Foundation Awards Dinner. Reeve is to open on Broadway in an effort called “5th of July”.