Superman IV: The Quest for the Full Cut…

In the Quest for a copy of Christopher Reeve’s complete  vision of Superman IV, I stumbled across this anomaly. Superman IV The Quest for Peace Turkish Betamax. And why is this an anomaly I hear you ask?

Well if you look very closely  on the label of the Betamax tape you will see that it says  120 dakika (Turkish for minutes). 

Why is this interesting? The released version of the film was only 89 Minutes in length, so why is the Turkish version 31 Minutes longer? Were they lucky enough to have the full version? So many questions!!!

Sadly I wish I could tell you that indeed the full version had been found but unfortunately it looks like they have counted 31 minutes of the below image being screened on the tape as being the total runtime. 

Alas the hunt continues….

Tape Translation

Superman artik zor durumba

Gunes enerjisini kaninda tasiyan, isik gördükçe güclenen ve dünyayi fethetmek amacryla yaratilan çelik kuvvet.
Iste SUPERMAN’ in geri gelmesine en büyük neden.….nükleer savas… Bu gücü yaratanlarmn dünyamiz.
Icin dusundukleri tuyler urpectici planlar.

Superman is in trouble now

The steel force that carries the sun’s energy in its blood, gets stronger when it sees the light, and was created with the aim of conquering the world.
Here is the biggest reason for SUPERMAN to come back.….nuclear war… Our world of those who created this power.
Chilling plans they’re thinking about.

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