Superman IV – Cosmonaut’s (Dorota Zieciowska) Jumpsuit

Date Sold: 23/09/2015

Amount: £200.00


A jumpsuit from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. The cosmonauts wore their jumpsuits as they were struck by debris as they were saved by Superman (Christopher Reeve).

Made of red rubberised ripstop material, the jumpsuit features a zip-up front and additional zip-up pockets on the legs. Patches reading “B. Gusyeva”, “CCCP” and “Soyuz” are stitched to the left breast and arms with a Berman & Nathans costumier label marking this costume for use by Dorota Zieciowska, the female cosmonaut. The jumpsuit has had an additional patch added to the chest after use on the production. The piece remains in good condition with minimal additional wear. Dimensions: measures 59 cm (23 ¼”) across the chest