Superman – Preproduction Artwork Set

Date Sold: 16/04/2014

Amount: £300.00


A set of preproduction artwork from Richard Donner’s Superman. The images in this set portray scenes on the planet Krypton prior to its selfdestruction by the Kryptonian people.

The set consists of two pencil concept drawings and a pencil and ink piece. One is done on tracing paper and depicts Jor-El (Marlon Brando), Kal-El (Lee Quigley) and Lara (Susannah York) while the other is done on thick white paper and shows a vehicle driving down a tunnel as Krypton collapses. A third piece of artwork in pencil and ink on card-mounted tracing paper shows a skyward angle of the Kryptonian council.

Well-used, the artwork shows signs of wear but remains in overall good condition. Individual image dimensions: 29 cm x 12.5 cm x 1 cm (7½” x 5” x ½”)