Superman IV – Interview with David Waterman (Hot Dog Seller)

We recently caught up with David Waterman whilst he reprised his role as the Hot Dog Seller in Superman IV Redux. As part of the Milton Keynes Film Festival, parts of Superman IV were re-shot to be added to a special re-release of Superman IV in the Local Cinema (Screening Saturday 23rd July 2016). Footage of David’s reprisal will be uploaded to A Tribute Shortly…

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Superman III Der Stählerne Blitz Movie Program

Superman III German Movie Program. Released in West Germany on 9th March 1984 almost 9 months after release in the USA. Known as Superman III Der Stählerne Blitz (The Steel Lightning). Although critically panned as a goofy Superman movie, Chris’s portrayal of Evil Superman was highly praised. Of Richard Lester’s direction for the movie, Chris had the following to say.

“[He] was always looking for a gag – sometimes to the point where the gags involving Richard Pryor went over the top. I mean, I didn’t think that his going off the top of a building, on skis with a pink tablecloth around his shoulders, was particularly funny.” Christopher Reeve

Superman III German Cover

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Superman III Royal Premiere Tuesday 19th July 1983

The Royal premiere of Superman III at the Saville Theatre an ABC/EMI Cinema, Shaftesbury Avenue, London on the 19th July 1983.(Now an Odeon Cinema) This series of photos is only the start of never seen before images taken on the night of the premiere. Spread over 21 contact sheets, the story should start at the beginning of the night outside the cinema. In attendance for the 19:00 pm showing was Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Saville Theatre had 2 Screens ABC1 which seated 616 and ABC2 which seated 581. Originally built as a Live theatre venue, During the 1960s it became a live music venue with acts such as Jimi Hendrix, The Bee Gee’s, The Who, Pink Floyd and The Beatles before finally opening as a Cinema on 22nd December 1970.

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Propstore of London – Fortress of Solitude Crystal Tube Display

The Propstore of London has only gone and done it again! This time they are presenting  a Fortress of Solitude Console Crystal tube display used in Superman the Movie and Superman II. No one can forget the iconic moment Superman (Jeff East) inserts a crystal into the control panel to be confronted by his Father (Marlon Brando) introducing himself with the immortal words

“My son, you do not remember me. I am Jor-El.

I am … your father. By now you will have

reached your eighteenth year of time as it is

measured on earth. By that same reckoning I will

have been dead for many thousands of your years.

The knowledge that I have of, matters physical

and historic I have given to you fully on your voyage

to your new home. These are important matters, to

be, sure, but still matters of mere fact. There are

questions to be asked and it is time for you to do so.

Here in this Fortress of Solitude we shall try to find

the answers together. How does a Good man live? What

is virtue’? When does a man’s obligation to those

around him exceed his obligation to himself’? These are

not simple questions – even on Krypton there is no precise

science which provides us with the answers. I can only

tell you what I myself believe. To this end, I have tried

to anticipate your questions, and in -the order of their

importance to you.”

This wonderful piece would look good in any Superman Collection!

Propstore of London’s Description

“A crystal and tube from the Fortress of Solitude, used in the production of the classic superhero movie Superman. Sent to Earth from his home planet of Krypton, Kal-el (Christopher Reeve) is raised by humans and grows to become the honest and true Clark Kent, while also taking on the identity of Superman to protect the people of Earth.

This crystal and tube formed part of the elaborate Fortress of Solitude set that was used in both Superman and Superman II, with these pieces used for the elaborate console that Superman uses to discover more about his past and how he can use his powers for good. The pieces are made of acrylic with a polished finish ensuring a nice sheen when seen on film. Various angled sections have been taken out of the crystal to create a unique, crystalline shape while the tube has an angled section removed from the top, allowing the crystal to be placed comfortably within.

Featuring some wear from use and time spent in storage, the crystal measures 13cm (5“) in length while the tube measures 14cm (5.5”) in height, with both pieces remaining in good production-used condition. The set is presented in a stunning custom framed display featuring the film’s title artwork, stills from the film and an opening front panel allowing direct access to the piece.

Item size – 2.76″ x 24.41″ x 19.29″ (7.0cm x 62.0cm x 49.0cm)”

Here for the link

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Superman the Movie Premiere Washington 10th December 1978

Premiere of Superman the MovieWashington DC, USA. 10th December 1978. Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Jackie Cooper & Ned Beatty all in attendance for the premiere. Chris in the limelight looking very much like the lead character. Must have been one amazing premiere…

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