Superman the Movie Japanese Movie Program 1978

Here we have the Japanese version of Superman the Movie Program. These were from the good old days when you use to watch a movie and leave with a souvenir featuring fantastic photos and information from the movie, sadly these are done no longer. Japanese version on slightly thicker and better paper stock that the US and UK counterparts, measuring approx 30cmx22cm.


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Superman the Movie Commission Action Comics Cover

Commission piece for A Tribute to Christopher Reeve of the  Action Comics cover  which was featured in the opening sequence of Superman the Movie

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My Daddy’s Not Superman a Memoir by Anastasia Salkind

Every once in a while a Kickstarter project catches my eye. This particular one was pointed in my direction by Jim Bowers owner of CapedWonder. A fantastic opportunity to get an insight from a perspective you wouldn’t have considered before! Anastasia Salkind daughter of Ilya Salkind, executive producer of the Superman & Supergirl movie series starring Christopher Reeve and Helen Slater respectively. A viewpoint of a young child growing up on the fantastic sets of these movie master pieces we still love and adore, the awe experienced by Anastasia.

I implore you all to get behind this fantastic project and back it as much as you can.  Please click here to see and back this truly wonderful project. Thank you Anastasia for what will be a very exciting project!

A Hollywood story. It explores the reality of living in an outrageous, poignant, and dramatic world. Where nothing is real for long.

My story is ultimately a Hollywood story. Unlike other kids with famous parents, I am not writing a hatchet job. Although my book contains gritty details, its focus is an insider’s point of view of a star-crossed family, one of the most successful in the world, that has been systematically destroyed by its own narcissism and greed. It is a story only I can tell. Readers will learn:

  • What it felt like to be raised on the Superman sets.
  • Living with my godfather Sammy Davis, Jr. and his wife–a beautiful moment in my childhood.
  • My job as a production assistant on Beverly Hills 90210–and how I almost got fired for all the wrong reasons.
  • Why every movie contract contains the Salkind Clause to protect actors from what the Salkinds were able to pull off with The Three Muskateers.
  • Turning down my parents’ money to live in my car.
  • Working in a phone room and sleeping on a stripper’s couch.
  • My dad’s kidnapping in Mexico, and my conversation with TMZ.
  • The reasons behind my father’s great hero movies-Superman, Three Musketeers, Supergirl and even Santa Claus..
  • The Smiling Cobra, my granddaddy, known for his cold shoulder and his highly rated shows Leave it to Beaver and Beverly Hillbillies.

I believe talent is in the genes, but dysfunction is learned. My Hollywood is a spiritual journey of escaping dysfunction and finding my own voice and place in the world.

My plan is to hire the professional editor who worked me on the first part of the book, to complete it within the next few months, and find a publisher. With your help, I will  finally be able to share my story and to show others, regardless of who they are, that they can escape dysfunction as well.

Anastasia Salkind

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POW: It’s the New Superman – Christopher Reeve 24th February 1977

Chris Reeve, 24 year old bachelor from New York, has been chosen from 200 hopefuls for the part of Superman, in a film to be made about the famous American comic-book character. Work on the £15m film starts at Shepperton Studios, Middlesex, in March.

Chris will star opposite Marlon Brando who is said to be getting £2 Million for three weeks’ work as Superman’s father.


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Christopher Reeve. Inspiration.

These images of Christopher Reeve I have always found inspiring. Taken after his accident and wheelchair bound, yet so much life and living in his eyes. It is true the eyes are the window to the soul and these pictures show Chris living it as much as he can, A smile no one could pretend. He will always be Superman…

Credit to Photographer Stuart Conway.

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