Superman – Christopher Reeve “Superman” Articulating Special Effects Miniature

Date Sold: 24/03/2024

Amount: $5,000.00


Vintage original special effects miniature from the originalSuperman film, measuring 62″ x 15″ x 9″ is expertly painted to resemble Christopher Reeve with fiberglass body, movable limbs and head attached through sockets, plus a metal internal framework for electronic functions to animate the cape (cape not included). Miniature wears a blue spandex bodysuit, equipped with Velcro panels on the back for accessing animatronics, and is adorned with the iconic red and yellow “S” emblem on the chest, including red spandex briefs with belt loops, red leather boots with Velcro closures, and yellow vinyl belt with hook and eye fastenings at rear. Used in flight sequences throughout the film where miniatures were opted in favor of rigging performers for Zoran Perisic’s groundbreaking “Zoptic” process of rear projection in conjunction with dual zoom lenses. Exhibits general production age and wear with scuffing to the painted finish, degradation to the armature, and discoloration to the spandex and leather components. Electronics have been untested. Special shipping arrangements will apply. Obtained from Pinewood Studios. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

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