Superman – “Kal-El” Crystalline Kryptonian Starship Miniature

Date Sold: 24/03/2024

Amount: $20,000.00


Vintage original miniature prop spaceship constructed of radiating acrylic spikes emanating from a central hub. Retaining 12-larger “crystals” (some retaining metal rod reinforcement) etched with reflective tape inserts, with numerous smaller acrylic spikes and rods with a mass of “downy” fiberglass at the center. A thin, hollow metal tube extends across the ship. A metal pipe with wooden base has been added for display. Visible escaping the dying planet of Krypton, carrying a baby Kal-El off to Earth. Measures approx. 38″ x 26″ x 22″. Exhibiting age and handling as well as some material loss and sensitive restoration. Obtained from Pinewood Studios. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

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