Superman – Large Kryptonian Console Crystal

Date Sold: 23/09/2015

Amount: £1,700.00


A large Kryptonian console crystal from Richard Donner’s Superman. This prop console crystal is from the scene where the elaborate Kryptonian consoles were displayed on Krypton and in the Fortress of Solitude, the polar home of Superman (Christopher Reeve).

The crystal is made of a dense acrylic that has edges removed at angles on both ends of the body. Small cracks in the surface of the acrylic have been purposely applied to give the piece a unique crystalline appearance when lit from below. The piece is presented on a custom made display base. Displaying some wear from use on the production including a drill hole at the top, the crystal remains in overall very good condition. Dimensions (displayed): 15 cm x 20 cm x 52 cm (6” x 8” x 20 ½”)