Superman – Model Unit Clapperboard

Date Sold: 03/11/2022

Amount: £3,750


A model unit clapperboard from the production of Richard Donner’s superhero movie Superman.

The clapperboard is made of black-painted wood. It features the film’s title and unit title painted in white, with several pieces of tape applied bearing handwritten notes such as “Dir. Brian Smithies”, “Cam. Paul Wilson” and “23 June ’78”. On the back are several numbered pieces of tape, likely used to denote the scene and take numbers. The paint had worn away in certain places exposing the wood. Dimensions: 46 cm x 23 cm x 1 cm (18″ x 9″ x 1/4″)

Estimate: £3,000 – 5,000 †Δ

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