Superman – Superman’s (Christopher Reeve) Muscle Tunic

Date Sold: 23/09/2015

Amount: £20,000.00


Superman’s (Christopher Reeve) muscle tunic from Richard Donner’s Superman. This tunic was created for use in flying sequences and is believed to screen match the one worn by Superman as he chased the nuclear missile remote controlled by Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman), based on faults in the righthand seam. Designed by Yvonne Blake and made by costumiers Bermans & Nathans, the tunic is made of specially blended synthetic fabric called Polyamid which was designed to provide some stretch while not showing any kind of marks or stains while in use. The piece bears the Superman “S” symbol on the chest with press studs attached at the shoulders for attaching Superman’s flowing red cape. A zipper running down the back allows easy access to and removal of the tunic.

Made for special effects use, the tunic features stitched-in holes at the hips to accommodate special effects harnesses, notably used for all of Superman’s flying sequences. A Berman & Nathans costumier label at the collar reads “Christopher Reeve; With Muscles; 12312; Superman.” Displays light wear from use and time spent in storage including some small holes on the back. The tunic remains in very good condition. Dimensions: measures 50 cm (19 ¾”) across the chest