Propstore Visit 11th October 2021

On October 11th 2021 myself (Alexei), Martin Lakin & Andrew Hanton visited the Propstore of London to view the amazing Superman Props available 9th – 11th November 2021.

We were given full access to all the amazing Superman Props with a guided tour and full history of the items by Propstore’s very own Tim Lawes. Tim was as ever, a very gracious host answering all of our questions, such as “where did these come from?” , “Crikey, where have these been hiding?”

Propstore have 23 amazing Superman items see link. We were able to see all items currently residing in the UK. Favourites items on the day were the Clapperboard, Terence Stamp Flying Miniature and the autographed SIV Script.

Please enjoy photos of the items we took on the day below.