Propstore’s Super(b) Auction 2022

Propstore’s annual UK auction is almost upon us, due to start in London on 3rd November 2022. And wow! do they have some amazing items on offer this year!

With our annual pilgrimage due,  myself (Alexei Lambley-Steel), Martin Lakin & Andy Hanton will be travelling down at the end of October to see these incredible items in person at Propstore HQ. Gracious hosts Stephen Lane and Tim Lawes are always so very welcoming and accommodating, especially when we want to compare and contrast items side by side, they truly are Super Hosts! and Boy, have they done it again this year! We honestly do not know, how and where they keep getting these items from, but they keep surprising us with never seen before props, costumes and production items from the quadrilogy of Superman Movies.

Highlights from this years auction include:

Superman's (Christopher Reeve) Complete Costume

An iconic assembled full costume with screen used pieces from Richard Donner‘s Superman the Movie and Richard Lester‘s Superman II and Superman III on a bespoke mannequin with painted Lifecast of Christopher Reeve. 

Estimate: £250,000 – £500,000

Model Unit Clapperboard

Used in Superman the Movie and dated 25/08/78. Lists Brian Smithies as Director and Les Dear as Cameraman

Estimate: £4,000 – £6,000

Ursa's (Sarah Douglas) Complete Costume

A very rare opportunity to acquire Ursa’s (Sarah Douglas) costume from Superman II. it is becoming increasingly rare to find a full Super Villain costume. Propstore do not disappoint!

Estimate: £30,000 – £50,000

Christopher Reeves' Autographed Release Scripts and Crew Jersey

One of our favourites. originally belonging to competition winner Lisa who won Christopher Reeve’s autographed and dedicated release script on BBC TV’s Multi-Coloured Swap Shop in 1980 and were then later featured and sold on another BBC show Flog It in 2018. Video courtesy of CapedWonder.

Estimate: £5,000 – £7,000

Marlon Brando Rare Behind the Scenes Colour Photographs

Candid set of behind the scenes photos featuring Marlon Brando, Richard Donner, Terence Stamp and Sarah Douglas and a one of kind Polaroid of Marlon in costume taking a break.

Estimate: £300 – £500

We look forward to sharing our visit to Propstore with you.

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